International Women’s Week, York

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2nd to 10th March

International Women’s Week in York is a community-led event aims to amplify the diverse voices of self-identified women, both locally and globally, and showcase women’s lives, hopes, fears, and achievements.

Building on the success of previous years, this year’s theme of “One City, Many Women’s Voices” encourages individuals to share their experiences, perspectives, and stories. It’s an opportunity to connect, learn, and support one another. The line-up of around 50 events – mostly free – is as diverse as the women it represents. From music-related events to writing-based activities, craft workshops to open mic sessions, well-being initiatives to campaigns and activist gatherings, talks to exhibitions, there is something for everyone.

Here’s just a flavour. There are events focused on the recent conflicts in Gaza and the promotion of peace through empowering women in Palestine and Israel. Some events encourage individuals to find their voice and self-expression through various forms of artistic expression, including comedy, music, singing, textile art, drawing, writing, poetry, and even Maria Abramovic-inspired silent performances. Others provide opportunities for amplifying women’s voices and stories through craftivism, photo exhibitions, and food-related activities. There are talks and interactive discussions specifically tailored for mothers and parents, providing a space for sharing experiences, challenges, and insights. And there are events that focus specifically on or for disabled women and black and global majority women. There’s also a good range of wellness workshops to try – and the ever-popular return of a clothes swap afternoon and making feminine hygiene kits for overseas schoolgirls in York Minster!

The programme is spread across the city on various days of the week and times of the day, with Saturday, the 9th, being particularly busy. Almost all events are in-person this year but we’re pleased to say that some are online as we knows this helps with access.

The programme organising team want to make the week as inclusive as possible and create a welcoming environment so some practical, IT, and financial assistance is available.

While progress has been made since the inception of International Women’s Day in 1910, the work towards gender equality continues. YIWW 2024 serves as a reminder that change is a collective endeavor. In that spirit, we’re always on the lookout for new volunteers to join our small, friendly organising group!

To learn more about YIWW 2024 and see the full programme, visit, look for printed programmes throughout the city, or contact the co-ordinating group for a copy on 01904 702060 or email at

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