It’s a New Year

by Imogen Smith

by Revd Rachel Hirst, Vicar at St Peter’s Church, Norton

I wonder what you’re looking forward to this year? There’s something about moving from December and the residue of Christmas into January that makes us think about change. Losing weight, giving up alcohol or meat, getting exercise – all things which are designed to improve ourselves and our health. Maybe you have good things planned for this year, a holiday, a new job or promotion, maybe a new baby in the family.

We can stand at the beginning of the month and look ahead to 365 days of potential. No one knows what will actually happen, but we often start the year determined to make the most of those days and of ourselves.

It’s a good attitude to have. Often when something bad happens people say ‘you never know what’s round the corner’ and it’s true. Anything can happen – good or bad. We can let that thought depress us or spur us on. Perhaps, instead of the usual resolutions, which, if you’re anything like me, are often abandoned by February, why not decide this year to make the most of time. See each day as a gift. Appreciate the sights and sounds around you, the people you are with, even the tasks you are doing.

Christians sometimes use a phrase from the Psalms ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ It helps us to pause and reflect on the bigger picture and to remember God is with us. But all of us, of any faith or none, could start this year by being still and trying to do that as often as we can – make the most of this new year and its potential. Appreciating the gift of each day as it comes and enjoying the gift of time as much as we can.

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