Transforming Your Architectural Dreams into Reality

by Handy Mag

IW Design & Building Services, situated in Helmsley, offers comprehensive solutions to bring your architectural dreams to life.

Whether it’s a new house, extension, loft, or cellar conversion, owner Iain Wilson can provide either a full design and drawing service or a complete design, building, and project management service.

Iain has many years experience and began his career in architecture, later transitioning into construction management. Since 1990, Iain has primarily worked in the domestic housing market, specialising in new house builds, extensions, conversions, and refurbishment works. Though not a builder, Iain provides design and project management services, as well as drawing services if needed.

Iain says “I can provide hand-drawn architectural plans, including initial land and property surveys, schematic drawings, artist impressions and fully detailed building plans and specifications. I don’t charge for my first visit, giving time to discuss your requirements and give advice on how best to progress the project, together with some idea of likely costs”. Iain can help with pre-application planning enquiries, prepare full planning and building regulation applications, including SAP calculations, drainage tests, and sound reports.

There is a lot of work involved in managing a new build or conversion, and you will need to have a lot of associated building skills if you intend to manage a large project yourself. The role of a Project Manager is to keep the worry list of the client to an absolute minimum. Iain oversees the progress of the project, liaising with subcontractors, suppliers, and material orders. He ensures compliance with plans, arranges inspections by other professionals, manages contracts, payments, variations, and addresses unforeseen issues. Once the project reaches completion, Iain organises final inspections and obtains a completion certification.

Visit for more information and to contact Iain, or call him on 07583 384445 or 01439 770623 to discuss your building or drawing needs.

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