July 2021 Editor’s Letter

by Marianne Long
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“I ’ve tried and tried and tried—I promise—to write an Editor’s Letter without mention of you-know-what. I find, though, that there are few topics to discuss, if any, where it’s otherwise than obligatory to acknowledge the effects of the pandemic—where I don’t feel a need to remark, ‘This wouldn’t have been possible a year or so ago!’ But so it goes.

“This isn’t to say there isn’t anything to talk about; it’s just that most of this talk is still “Covid-talk.” There’s a backlog of sporting events this summer (including Tokyo 2020 and the 2020 Euros) for one thing, and many of us—myself included—are anticipating a ‘golden summer of sport.’ But even so, our discussion about these events is still shrouded in talk about restrictions, and our excitement is tentative at best. But so it goes: as we’ve learned over this past year, we can always enjoy these events from the comfort of our own homes.

Credit: Tony Horsfield.

“Our ‘Spotlight’ this month is on Rob Williams, headteacher at Malton School, who was awarded the prestigious Pearson National Teaching Award for Secondary Headteacher of the Year. I talk to him about how the pandemic has effected school life, and also about several initiatives that he has championed during his fifteen year stint at the school.

“July will see the return of a great many local events (and many of these can be found in our Local Life pages [see pp. 22–38 <Ryedale>]). In addition, our local attractions and hospitality businesses are open again and ready to entertain you and your families—which is especially good given that it seems we won’t be entertaining ourselves abroad this summer.

“In view of this, we’re currently refurbishing the ‘What’s on’ page on our website so that it is easy to find something to do locally. Visit thehandymag.com/whats-on/, or read our ‘Local Life’ pages in this edition. Please show your support: they will all be very grateful.”

Marianne Long, Handy Mag Editor

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