Keeping Positive and Staying Safe

by Christine Parker BDS (GDC 72136)
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Here at Howardian Dental, we have been very fortunate to keep practising since July and throughout the latest lockdown. This has been achieved by some radical changes to the way the practice operates in order to ensure our patients are kept safe.

Another rather marvellous thing is that we actually get to see and speak to people and to sit close to them. In these days of social distancing, mask-wearing and bubbles we are incredibly fortunate. We are lucky to have been seeing a lot of our patients for years and, for some of them, a trip to the dentist is one of the few times they have been outside.

I cannot tell you what a joy it is for us as practitioners to welcome them through our door, many are anxious but, when they see the care we are taking to keep everyone safe, they relax and invariably leave with a smile after a small dose of ‘normality’. We would like to thank them for brightening these dark days and we are looking forward to when the risks abate and we can all get close to one another again.

In the meantime, wears masks, keep 2m distance and get your vaccine when its offered. We will beat this virus.

For safe dental care in a relaxing environment please call or email Jan.

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