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by Handymag

Lockdown gives us time to reflect, as we look out at a more peaceful countryside, about which systems can be changed after it all calms down. ‘Normal’ was not good or normal at all – too many people were deprived of too much, socially, physically and mentally.

Meanwhile we can spend time increasing our knowledge about conservation and the amazing natural world. We can pick up some skills in identifying creatures we see in our streets and gardens, and perhaps even do a mini project of our own to help them. For instance, have a look at for some ideas about all UK amphibians and how to help them. Earthschool has some great items too:


The way that the residents of Kirkbymoorside have come together during lockdown has been pure joy. Food shops have done everything possible to make life easier, particularly for elderly residents. Moorside Store in particular has been putting up and delivering hundreds of orders and the Penny Bank Café next door have donated space for the orders to be stored and organised. There’s a band of volunteers, led by Charlotte, who are available at the end of a phone.

The public activities of the Kirkbymoorside Environment Group have, of necessity, been put on hold, although there is plenty going on in the background. No Famous Give or Take Day this spring, and no Repair Cafes for a while. However just before lockdown the Manor Vale Working Group had a hedge-laying session, along the top of Manor Vale Wood near the wildflower meadow.

Kirkbymoorside Environment Group and Ryedale Environmental Group are both working to increase our impact with links on our websites, so please have a look at and

We’d love you to contact us via websites if you have ideas for more links or content.

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