Labrynths in Ryedale

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by Peter Clark

There have been labyrinths in the Ryedale area for almost 200 years, with one of ten very different labyrinths being close to where you live.

  1. Norton Riverside Walk, Norton. A temporary labyrinth created in 2019 and authorised to be made permanent in 2023.
  2. City of Troy, Dalby/Skewsby. The smallest turf labyrinth in Europe, and possibly Yorkshire’s finest examples of a medieval style, was recreated in 1860.
  3. Helmsley Walled Garden. A very large circular turf labyrinth, created by volunteers in 2022 and located within beautiful gardens.
  4. Kirkbymoorside Primary School. A brick and turf labyrinth, which was created by a staff member in 2004, and can be seen from the school’s perimeter fence.
  5. Ryedale Folk Museum, Hutton le Hole. A brick and turf labyrinth was created in the museum’s garden in 2000.
  6. Friends Meeting House, Castlegate, Pickering. A turf labyrinth is mown between July and October each year.
  7. Wydale Retreat Centre, Wydale Lane, Brompton by Sawdon. Made in 2008, the octagonal labyrinth of wood chip, incorporates lavender bushes and a centre seat in the pergola.
  8. St Mary Church, Old Malton. A circular labyrinth was mown into the lawn of the churchyard in 2022.
  9. Orchard Fields, Malton. A large circular labyrinth, created for the Winter Solstice in 2020, has been maintained since then. (See photo)
  10. Trinity Methodist Church, Commercial St. Norton. The painted labyrinth on the car park to the rear of the Church, was created in 2019.
    A labyrinth is not a maze. In a maze, with multiple pathways, you can get lost. In a labyrinth, with only one pathway, you can find yourself!
    The Labyrinths in Britain website: https;// includes an interactive map of all public labyrinths.

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