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by Richardson’s Wills in York.

We all know of Martin Lewis the Money Saving Expert. He has a trusted track record of helping us to save more of our hard earned cash. Recently, he has been highlighting the importance of Lasting Power of Attorney on his television show.

He says, “Power of Attorney is not just for the elderly. Everybody in this room should be considering one. I’ve had one for a decade now. I have no foreseeability of losing my faculties.”

He really has only talked about Property and Finance, but the other equally important document is the Health and Welfare LPA. This document covers decisions regarding medical treatment and decisions about where you live and the care you receive. Whereas the Property and Finance document can be used from the time of registration, the Health and Welfare LPA can only be used if you have lost mental capacity.

It provides a continuing voice when you are at your most vulnerable. Medical professionals and anyone else involved in your care must respond to your chosen attorney/s as if they were responding to you directly.

It covers decisions regarding life sustaining treatment and gives authority to your chosen representative/s (attorneys) to make decisions, in your best interests, regarding where you should live and the care you should receive.

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