New Year, New You

by Julie Wilson
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If you could have a New Year’s wish, what would it be? Eat less chocolate? Go to the gym more? Stop drinking? Or how about setting your financial plan in place? Setting your financial goals in place, whether that’s short-term or long-term, is a crucial step to becoming financially secure. But this isn’t a New Year’s resolution you can handle on your own. Handling each aspect of financial planning by yourself is just far too complex, and more often than not, you could end up making
things worse.

If you were to ask anyone what financial advice was, they’d say investments and pensions, etc. But if you were to ask us what financial advice was, we’d look deeper. Rather than measuring return on investment, we measure return on life. Yet, there’s something more important than that. What we think should be prioritised, is whatever you say… So the key thing is you. What you really want. What really matters to you. How do you envisage your perfect lifestyle? You’ve got to think about your future because no one else can do it for you. Although we help people get there, we need to know where ‘there’ is! And that my friends, is what we like to call ‘Lifestyle Planning’.

Yeah, obviously a load of money is great, and it can help you achieve practically anything you want. So… do you even need a lifestyle planner? Most people will just sit there, waiting until a problem arises. Or alternatively, some sit there worried… but don’t do anything about it. We’ve heard it all – from “I hate my job, but I can’t afford to leave” to “I just don’t have enough money to do what I truly want.” You could spend too long worrying about your finances and lifestyle choices rather than enjoying them. At that point – you’ve fallen into the loop. You’re missing the most valuable thing – the moment. Then, if you miss enough moments – it could lead to a lifetime. And before you know it, you’ve wasted the opportunity.

Lifestyle planning links your lifestyle goals alongside your financial ones. It’s about painting the lifestyle of your choice. Here at PenLife, we put in some elbow grease to learn what’s really important to you. Then, we use our expert knowledge to bring that chosen lifestyle to reality.

Could lifestyle planning be for you? If you believe you could be getting more from life, why settle for anything less? To learn how your money can facilitate your goals and dreams, request your FREE ‘Lifestyle Planning’ guide through the cut-out, an email to, or alternatively, call us on 01904 661140.

Julie Wilson

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