Looking After Dogs And What You Didn’t Know

by Claire Brash
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Ten top tips for looking after dogs

  1. Chocolate, grapes, xylitol (an artificial sweetener found in sugar-free chewing gum) and macadamia nuts are all poisonous to dogs.
  2. Puppies have growing bones and so exercise should be restricted until they are fully grown. To help them grow properly it is a good idea to feed them on a quality puppy diet, specially formulated with higher levels of calcium, protein and other essential ingredients to help them develop into a healthy adult.
  3. Dogs use their tails to help them communicate with people and other dogs.
  4. For a new puppy, the first night in his new home must be very traumatic. Try leaving the radio on at night to give him or her company.
  5. Dogs can detect sounds far beyond the upper limit of humans and they also have mobile ears which allow them to rapidly pinpoint the exact location of a sound.
  1. Dogs are really good at sniffing: the part of the brain that is associated with smell, the olfactory bulb, is roughly forty times bigger in a dog than in a human, relative to total brain size.
  2. Some dogs need a lot more exercise than others. Think about their needs, and how this would fit into your lifestyle before getting your new puppy.
  3. The dog’s coat is normally made up of coarse guard hairs and, beneath this, soft down hairs.
  4. It is sensible to neuter your pet dog. In males, this decreases unwanted male characteristics, and decreases the likelihood of testicular cancer, while in females it lowers the incidence of mammary or uterine cancer.
  5. A puppy can be infected with intestinal roundworms before it is even born, as well as pick up more worms via the milk. It is important to worm your new puppy regularly to eliminate these worms.

Seven things you didn’t know about dogs

  1. Dalmations are born white without spots. They develop them at about a week old.
  2. Chows, a breed of dogs from China, have blue mouths and tongues. In ancient times it was believed that the dark mouth, exposed when barking, helped to ward off evil spirits.
  3. Let sleeping dogs lie, is a true old saying: never startle a sleeping dog, it may accidentally bite you out of surprise.
  4. Dogs can discriminate smells at concentrations nearly 100 million times lower than humans.
  5. Currently, there are estimated to be 400 million dogs in the world. The Yellow Labrador Retriever is the most commonly registered dog.
  6. Dogs do not sweat, except from their feet, but lose excess heat by panting.
  7. You should avoid playing ball games with a dog until they are fully grown. Tennis ball catching can wear down a dogs teeth having an effect like sandpaper.
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