Make a Fresh Start in 2021 with Slimming World in Haxby & Wigginton

by Jared Smith
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After a very tough year, Corinne Tarbuck, local Slimming World consultant in Haxby, is bringing hope to those who want to make a fresh start for 2021.

In autumn 2020, Slimming World conducted a health and well-being study that was selected to be a part of a leading obesity research conference. The findings were shared with the European and International Congress on Obesity which took place 1st – 4th September. Led by one of Slimming World’s Senior Research Associates, Dr Sarah-Elizabeth Bennett, a survey of over 800 UK adults (including 222 Slimming World members and 637 adults in the general population) found that more than half had difficulty managing their weight during lockdown.

The four key reasons given were:

  1. difficulty getting to the shops and getting hold of their usual foods;
  2. boredom and being at home leading to increased snacking;
  3. higher stress and anxiety levels leading to comfort eating;
  4. less time spent moving around and exercising.

The research showcased how making and maintaining healthy behaviour changes prior to lockdown provided Slimming World members with a level of resilience during this challenging time, supporting them to continue to lose or maintain weight loss. The tools and support members gain at groups help them to develop healthy habits for life, equipping them with the skills to face and overcome the inevitable challenges in their weight loss journey – even global pandemics – so they can manage their weight in the long term.

A survey of over 800 UK adults found that more than half had difficulty managing their weight during lockdown.

Corinne says:

Slimming World has continued to support members throughout lockdown to successfully manage their weight. Members are supported to eat healthily, get active and change their habits in the long term, so they can manage their weight – whatever life throws at them. Given the challenges of lockdown and links between COVID-19 and obesity, Slimming World’s life-changing, and life-saving support is more important now than ever. Slimming World is a partner in Public Health England’s Better Health initiative, a campaign that provides an opportunity for the nation to reset and introduce healthy lifestyle changes. [ … ] Our Haxby and Wigginton members have carried on accessing the support of their group each and every week, at times in the community and at times using our Virtual service during the lockdowns. The group lost an incredible 238.5stone between them!”

This just shows that together, with the support of like-minded people, no matter what is happening on the world you can achieve your weight loss goals and most importantly keep your healthy lifestyle on track.

Corinne is looking forward to supporting everyone who is ready to make their 2021 fresh start.

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