Malton and Norton Half-Pipe Refurbishment Underway

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Half-pipe refurbishment at Malton and Norton skatepark is underway, and volunteers are looking for a sponsor to fund the the final stages of the community project.

Volunteers and campaigners successfully stripped back the structure on 27 June, in preparation for sanding-down and re-painting.

The scheme was given the go-ahead following a vote by Norton Town Council in May.

Ryan Swain, who is leading the project, has announced that the project has garnered attention from a major sponsor. However, he cannot yet reveal any further details.

He said: “We have stripped-back all the decaying and rotting wood. We have also had a look at the infrastructure of the halfpipe, and there’s good news: 90% of the metal is in good condition. The remaining 10% is damaged, but it’s nothing that can’t be salvaged or repaired.”

The project is currently on standby as volunteers eagerly wait for Norton Town council and the Fitzwilliam Estate to approve proposals of potential sponsorship and grant permission for the ramp to be re-laid, ready for use.

Ryan said: “Going forward into Phase 2, we need to sand down and pain the ramp. We then need to call in the ramp building company that’s supporting us to re-lay the ramp so that it’s good to ride. We hope the MNAP (Malton and Norton Area Partnership) project will help us so that the Council will give us permission to re-lay the wood.

“I’m hoping for a grand opening event once it’s all done, to attract supporters, sponsors, and celebrities to come down and show their support. It’s the rejuvenation of not just the skatepark but the whole youth factor in Ryedale.”

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