Malton and Norton Rotary: Building Our Future Plans and Reflecting on 74 Years

by Editorial Team
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Our Rotary Club will celebrate our 75th anniversary in February 2022, so as we build over the next year it is a good time to reflect.

Throughout its history, the club has maintained a constant effort to support the local community, as well as contribute to life saving work globally.

Since starting in February 1905, the global Rotary organisation has evolved to meet new challenges but retains ‘Service above Self’ as the cornerstone of our endeavours.

There are now 1.2 million members across 200 countries, and 1,700 clubs with 45,000 members in the UK.

Our current Chair, Martyn Herring has this to say about our plans: “The current health crisis and the associated problems of unemployment, closed schools and mental wellbeing pressures, have provided new challenges for us all to face.

“As we ourselves have evolved to meet online and plan our events for the year ahead, we continue to support those in need within our local community, the young and not so young, those facing difficulties and disaster, families in need and many other groups that help make our towns a better place for all to live.”

So, we’re getting ready for 2022. Now that really will be something to celebrate.

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