Monday, June 24, 2024

Mammy’s Monkey

by Handy Mag

Say hello to Mammy’s Monkey, a one and half-year-old cheeky chappie on the lookout for a loving new home.

This slinky little boy has previously lived a very lavish lifestyle where he has been living like a king. So, it’s no surprise to us that he’s found the transition from his home to the Adoption Centre a very difficult one. When he first arrived with us, he was extremely scared and stressed so would either hide from us or lash out, torn between that ‘flight or fight’ battle. He perceived most things as a threat to him. However, now some time has passed, he is showing great progress and is slowly beginning to trust us and realise that we’re actually not that bad!

For Mammy’s Monkey, trust is a thing that has to be earnt and he will require his new owners to be patient and willing to take things at a pace that’s right for him. We think Mammy’s Monkey will be best suited to an adult-only household where there are no other pets. We’re confident that he’ll be a very happy little cat once he’s found himself in the right kind of home with people who are happy to give him the time he needs to settle into his new normal.

Poor Monkey was born with only one kidney, and whilst this isn’t causing him any problems at the moment it may mean he is more susceptible to renal problems when he gets older.

If you think you can help this trooper get back into the comforts of a proper home, please contact York Cats Protection Adoption Centre on 01904 760356 or via

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