Unlock Your Potential with Maple Tree House

by Handy Mag
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With 2024 well underway, how are your goals and expectations progressing? Are you grappling with persistent habits and challenges that seem unshakable? Perhaps you’re determined to break free and make this year transformative.

Helena at Maple Tree House has a passion and 10 years experience helping others to unlock their potential. She specialises in helping individuals of all ages conquer stress, PTSD, phobias, anger, panic attacks, and self-confidence issues in social, educational and work environments. Whether you’re held back from reaching your potential or struggle with self-acceptance, Helena can help.

Start your transformation with a free half-hour consultation. Discover how her unique approach can empower you to make the positive changes you desire. Helena, through her company Maple Tree House, provides tailored options for personal growth, business, or coaching.

Don’t let another year pass without realising your true potential. Contact Helena at Maple Tree House on 07855 556783 or email contact@mapletreehouse.co.uk today.

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