March 2021 Editor’s Letter

by Marianne Long
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Spring is upon us! Welcome to our March edition.

Sure—I’m eager to return to some semblance of a pre-COVID existence. Yet I also find myself hoping that not all things become what they were before.

The last twelve months have exhibited a slowing of tempo in a world that is all-too-pinned on the next innovation, the next trend—a world that wants everything here and now, no matter the costs. COVID-19, conversely, has forced us to find pleasure in the smallest and most everyday of things, such as walking, travelling, eating, dwelling, and the twenty-four hours on offer each day.

There is much to find joy in with spring around the corner, even if we stay in the current lockdown. Indeed, before long, our gardens will be lined with blossoming hedge-rows and lambs will be stumbling clumsily around local fields. The days will be warmer and longer, too—so it will be easier to get outdoors than it has been as of late.

There is also Mother’s Day to celebrate, which, this year, is on Sunday 14th March. I myself was surprised—even in denial—to hear that this is the second year now that we won’t be able to celebrate as we might’ve hoped. As we know, there are still lots of ways that we can mark the date, such as sending flowers or calling via Zoom. (My mum, I imagine, will be obliged to endure five Zoom calls from my four sisters and I!)

We received some lovely comments from readers about our February editions of the Handy Mag, and I hope you enjoy reading this month’s editions, too. To get in touch, please email either or

Until next month, please be kind to yourselves—and to one another.

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