May 2021 Editor’s Letter

by Marianne Long
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O’ how naïve we were!—before COVID-19, lockdowns, facemasks, and the associated hoo-has and what-nots. I was recently reminded of this while reviewing our magazines from over the past year or so, and one remark from my March 2020 editor’s letter struck me, with the wisdom granted by hindsight, as particularly bizarre. I wrote: “Spring is on the way, and it’s time to get out and about after a miserable winter.”

COVID-19 caught us off-guard, truly; and in the disarray brought about by its arrival here in the UK, we—Nicky and I—decided not to publish our May 2020 editions of the Handy Mag. Given this, I am especially delighted to be introducing our May 2021 editions to you now. In June 2020, of course, we published our “lockdown” editions, and we have been publishing ever since. But to still be here one year on, offering the self-same service that we have always offered, I couldn’t be more grateful and proud.

This edition also marks the continuation of our “Spotlight” series, which aims to, as it were, shine a spotlight on inspirational and heart-warming local stories. This month [York edition only], the spotlight is on Terry Kettle, Director of All 1 Network, York. I talk to Terry about who he would have at a dinner party (“George Michael”), among other things—such as his new business network, established in 2020. (See pp. 8–9 [York].)

Lastly: I’d like to thank everyone for their encouraging comments about our March editions. If you wish to help us further on our way, we would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review of the Handy Mag on Google!

Until next month…


Marianne Long
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