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Things never stand still at Focus Fireplaces and Stoves. The increasingly popular York based company is expanding and improving in order to offer an even wider range of fireplaces, eco-stoves, gas fires, electric fires, and lighting.

Media feature walls, often just called “media walls”, are among the latest interior design trends. But what is a media wall, and how can you build one in your home?

While having a feature wall feels like something that’s been around forever, media walls are rather more of a recent trend in home interior design. The basic idea is to designate a space in your living room or lounge to house all of your media equipment—your TV, hi-fi system, and so on—so as to create a centrepiece for the room. In its simplest form, then, a media wall is just the wall in your living room or lounge that you have your TV mounted on.

For the best results, though, many take the idea much further by creating elaborately bespoke stud wall frameworks in which to hide cables, house integrated storage space such as shelves, sound area, and cupboards, and incorporate appliances such as an electric fire.

“Times are changing, and we are moving forward with new exciting products, “ says Director Mike White. “You can devote a space to house all your media and create a centrepiece around an electric fire. Our media walls are bespoke and made-to-measure, with a choice of the latest 1/2/3 sided electric fires, which tick all the boxes for design, innovation, and user-friendliness.”

To maximise the level of ambience, an optional LED Mood Lighting System can be placed around your fire or TV, under shelves, or elsewhere, to provide atmospheric mood lighting that can be easily controlled via the fire’s remote handset.

Focus Fireplaces and Stoves has showrooms off Stockton Lane and their staff are sure to offer warm, welcome, helpful advice, in addition to the best advice in the area. Call 01904 400525 or visit

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