Meet the Fantastic ‘Wombles’ at Ryedale Dog Rescue

by Handymag

It’s been a strange year for Ryedale Dog Rescue. We can’t get out and about to do our bit for the dogs, but we’ve learned that we have other skills, and a fantastic network of supporters.

Here’s what some of our volunteers have been up to. Just a word of explanation, we refer to ourselves as Wombles because we seem to be able to find a use for everything!

Rosie Stephenson – ‘the mad dog lady’. Rosie is chair of the trustees and dog coordinator. She takes day-to-day care of the dogs, handles enquiries about re-homing and liaises with the council. Rosie can usually be found at the summer dog show near the ring and the dogs! She’s also great at twisting people’s arms for lots for our annual auction.

Dave Fernley- ‘the Womble with the spreadsheets’. Dave has been acting treasurer since March 2020 and is getting to grips with the challenges of managing our budget during Covid 19. Dave’s also updating our website, so watch out for a makeover. Dave loves compering at dog shows and appearing at the pop-up shop (even when he isn’t on the rota).

Rebecca Saltmer- ‘ Del Boy’. Becca joined the team last year and hasn’t stopped since. She’s a whizz at social media and, during lockdown, set up the sponsor a kennel project and Mend Beryl’s heart fund. Not content with that, Becca has been running our weekly Facebook Dog Show and selling anything she can get her hands on through local selling sites.

Wendy Baker- calls herself ‘Junior Womble’, and is the linchpin in our supply of handmade dog beds. Her garage is full of donated duvets and bedding, not to mention boxes of our fun teddy game. Wendy is always at the pop-up shop and coffee mornings and Mike, her husband keeps us straight with floats and banking.

Anne Punchard – another Womble. Anne is so clever with crafty ideas and her baking is something else. During lockdown Anne has been making scrubs for the Ryedale Covid-19 group, but has still found time to bake for our ‘stall on the wall’ at Yedingham, make face masks for RDR volunteers and make up planters to sell online.

Carol Crockatt – is our new Grant Officer. Carol has only just joined the team and what a difference she makes. Carol’s searched for available grant funding and has persevered with form filling and submitting applications. To date, her success rate is spot on. Most of us haven’t met Carol in person yet, and it will be such a pleasure when we can finally say a proper hello.

Dianne Illingworth- ‘Obsessive Gift Aid Officer Womble’. Normally involved at events and collecting donations, during lockdown Dianne has secured extra funding by getting Gift Aid claims back on track. During pop up shop times she can normally be seen pushing a wheelbarrow around Malton, re-stocking the shop from our store.

Despite the situation, we’re having good fun volunteering with the RDR team. No matter how much or how little time you have; we can always find you a job.

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