Morsbags – Be fantastic, say no to plastic!

by Handymag
Do you use plastic shopping bags? If the answer is yes you’re not alone. However, most people are now much more aware of the damage to our planet and are trying to reduce their use of plastic.

Scientists have estimated it takes between 200 and 1000 years for a plastic shopping bag to degrade. Plastic does not biodegrade like organic material, it breaks into smaller and smaller pieces (frequently mistaken for food and ingested by animals). Studies found that 95% of birds in the North Sea had ingested plastic.

In the Pacific Ocean scientists found six times the mass of plastic to plankton. On the seabed around Spain, France and Italy an average of 1490 plastic items was found per square kilometre (1383 of these were plastic bags).

The solution is to stop using plastic shopping bags and switch to reusable bags. Morsbags for example!

Morsbags are made by volunteers from recycled material. At the end of January 2020 over 365,606 Morsbags were being used worldwide.

Can you sew?

Go to to download the free pattern and make Morsbags from old curtains, duvet covers, tablecloths etc.

The local Morsbags group Kirby Baggers is part of Kirkbymoorside Environment Group and meets monthly to socialise, sew bags and help to save our planet! Morsbags are always given away free.

For more information, to join the Kirby Baggers or donate fabric please email

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