Musical Memories in Lockdown

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Since lockdown began Ruth and Neil Hannah of Musical Memories have been ‘Live Streaming’ their happy singing sessions.

‘Tune A Day’ is broadcast every day Monday – Friday at 11.00 am on Periscope and Facebook

During each session they sing one of the songs from their huge vintage collection. People can join in at home with the singing as each month they send out songbooks containing all the lyrics for the songs to be sung that month.

Ruth says, “We chat with participants on-line throughout the session and we will soon be taking telephone calls from participants too. We include photographs and bits of video that participants send to us and have a coffee and a giggle at the same time. It’s gradually turning into a mini magazine show focussing on songs of yesteryear.

“We decided to do this because we knew we wanted to help our regular singers stay in touch with us and with each other through lockdown as many of them live alone. We’ve found that it has really helped people to structure their day.

“One lady rang me to tell me that her son had rummaged around at his house to find an old laptop and had downloaded the link to our daily session for his Mum to click on so that she could join us. She was so delighted that she called me to tell me that it was ‘wonderful that a little bit of normality had been restored to my very abnormal life.”

For those ladies and gents who usually attend their sessions but who don’t have access to the internet, Ruth and Neil send out CDs of the songs they have sung accompanied by a songbook.

“We have people joining us from all over the country and even some in Australia, Italy and USA!”

If you would like to join in then tune in at 11.00 am on Periscope or Facebook and please let Ruth and Neil know if you would like a songbook.

Tel: Ruth 07527 006402


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