Musical Memories: Tune a Day

by Handymag

Musical Memories is a not for profit organisation that provides social singing sessions for older people in the rural communities of Ryedale, North Yorkshire, helping to combat loneliness and isolation.

We play live music (piano and guitar); we all sing songs from every genre and every decade from 1880 – 1980 and everyone is provided with a songbook to help them do this.

We enjoy a cuppa and a chat and laugh a lot in every session.

The whole session is extremely inclusive and participatory. We enable folks to sing their favourite songs of yesteryear and reminisce with stories and tales and sometimes the occasional prop.

Founded in 2016 we have delivered over 600 sessions to over 11,000 people.

We usually meet in community venues in Pickering, Kirkbymoorside, Helmsley, Malton and Danby and sing with over 100+ people each week. Our beneficiaries are in the 70+ age bracket and many have long term chronic illnesses.

We suspended our regular programme of community singing in mid-March.

Current work:
  • Daily streaming session on Periscope and Facebook Live at 11.00 am (coffee time) of a cheerful song and chat, to all our beneficiaries and anyone else who cares to join us.
  • Daily phone calls out to our known beneficiaries who live alone and do not have internet for a brief chat and catch up.
  • Sending out a CD of a selection of songs from our usual repertoire and a lyric book to those people who are not on-line.
Impact on our community:

We started streaming on Friday 27th March and immediately received lots of positive feedback.

Thanks so much for the boredom breaker at 11 a.m. each day. You’re doing a great job, and hello to all the people we miss seeing in person. Stay safe and keep singing. Good wishes to you all, Glad (Kirkbymoorside)


Thank you so much to both of you. I’m sitting in the kitchen with tears running down my face. However you are both feeling, you sound so cheerful and it’s good to catch up with you every morning. Please keep going, it really is appreciated. Stay safe, sending virtual hugs. Ann (Malton)


Brilliant! You bring so much joy to so many with your music making. It’s wonderful that you’ve found a way to help beat the virus blues. I’ve just watched your recordings so far. Sang my heart out to Bring me Sunshine and in my head I swear I could hear Diana’s extra ad libs when we sang ‘She’ll be coming round the Mountain’!
I’ll be among the many tuning in at 11:00 for a daily dose of joy.  Virtual hug, Judith x (Malton)

One lady rang me to tell me that her son had rummaged around at his house to find an old laptop and had download the link to our daily session (via Periscope) for his Mum to click on so that she could join us. She was so delighted that she called me to tell me that it was ‘wonderful that a little bit of normality had been restored to my very abnormal life’. She was utterly delighted to be able to sing along with us. This lady lives alone. 90% of the people who are not online also live alone.

The sessions are a little bit ‘rough and ready’ at the moment as we’ve had to clear space in our workshop to make space for filming and until we can get hold of some better equipment we are just using mobile phones – and they’re not new ones! But we are hoping to transmit love, positivity and cheerfulness to everyone, despite not being able get together in the usual way.


This is the link to our live streaming session

We are also posting it to Facebook Live

Ruth and Neil Hannah

07527 006402 or 01653908326

Facebook @MMCIC

Twitter @MMRyedale



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