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Wellness is defined as the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.

Our NEW Station House Vets Wellness Plan offers our clients and their pets a holistic approach to health and wellbeing via an affordable, easy to manage, monthly payment plan for dogs, cats and rabbits. The Wellness Plan covers all preventative treatments, including annual vaccinations and boosters, treatment against flea and worms, and regular routine check-ups with our nursing team. Neutering is a very important part of preventative veterinary healthcare so we also offer 10% off neutering as part of the Plan. Regular free monthly consults with our nurses not only helps with socialisation, but also enables our team to get to know you and your pets and help spot and prevent health issues before they become a problem.

In addition, pets on the Wellness Plan get 10% discount off Hill’s pet food. Nutrition plays a big part in our approach to holistic health. Alongside the Hill’s Loyalty Scheme (£4–£10 off every purchase), the additional 10% can amount to a big saving!

And there’s one more saving, we offer a multi-pet household discount; an additional £1 discount per month for every additional pet registered on the Wellness Plan.

Amy has Barney, her 14 year old border collie, and Ellie and Oscar (who are 11 year old domestic short hair outdoor cats) on the Wellness Plan. Amy’s holistic approach to her pets, including feeding Hill’s petfood, means the Wellness Plan is ideal for her: “Being on the Wellness Plan gives me peace of mind that I’m covering all the basics of preventative healthcare whilst also saving me money. I still receive reminders for vaccinations and being a multi-pet household on the Wellness Plan saves me an additional £24 per year from the multi-pet discount.”

Average savings, depending on the tailored parasite treatment and vaccination protocol used, are around £135 per year for dogs and £65 for cats. Rabbit owners can also save around £30 per year on our tailored Rabbit Wellness Plan. Add on the Hill’s petfood savings, the free nurse consults and other benefits, plus the Hill’s Loyalty Scheme savings and it’s well worth checking out what you could save!

Visit to find out more and to join.

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