Welcoming a new family pet

by Ryedale Vets

by Hannah Philipson RVN SQP, Ryedale Vets

Welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your life can be one of the most exciting times, and here at Ryedale Vets we are happy to support you with advice, and when needed, consultations.

Ryedale Vets are always on hand if you have a new puppy or kitten.

Careful thought should be given before acquiring a new family member. You will be responsible for your new family member for the next 10-14 years, so choosing the right pet is key. You may choose to get a new kitten or puppy from a rescue or reputable breeder, making sure you choose the best breed for your lifestyle.

Before your new companion comes home it is important to be prepared. Your puppy should always have a safe space they can go to in case they feel scared or want a quiet place to have some peace.

It is important to begin your new pet on a suitable diet as this can have an impact on their growth rate. The veterinary team are always available to give you advice on a diet most suitable for your new pet.

Taking out an insurance policy for your pet for the day they arrive home is also advised as an unexpected accident or illness can require sudden treatment. Having a good insurance cover can help provide some peace of mind that they will be able to receive whatever treatment they may need.

Socialisation is crucial in the early months of your puppy’s life. Training classes can be influential in teaching the correct behaviour, but finding appropriately aged dogs for your puppy to play with can be difficult. At Ryedale Vets we offer Puppy Parties! The classes are held in two sessions, the first is at our Pickering branch and the second at our Helmsley branch with Claire Klima, a local ABTC accredited dog behaviourist. These sessions aid puppy development, teaching them the correct way to form canine friendships.

While it is very exciting to welcome your new pet home, it can sometimes be a little daunting. The veterinary team at Ryedale Vets are always on the end of the phone to help make sure the arrival of your new furry friend goes as smooth as possible.

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