New Year, New Challenges

by Christine Parker BDS (GDC 72136)
Published: Last Updated on

At the time of writing the OMICRON variant of Covid 19 has started to circulate in the UK. We don’t yet know a great deal about it and if it has the potential to avoid the vaccines we have been provided with.

There seems to be so much uncertainty in peoples lives at the moment, and what we are seeing in the practice is that people are rightly stressed after nearly two years of living with the virus.

At the moment, all the gains we have seen in the last year in our battle against the virus appear as though they might be wiped away. My message today is that we don’t need to despair and that there are some very clever people beavering away to meet the challenges these mutations cause.

So hope is always in sight provided we keep up with our boosters.

We are continuing with our measures in the practice to keep it a safe environment to visit, and urge people not to delay seeking treatment when they have a problem. Our message of good ongoing home care to reduce the risk of dental problems always stands firm.

So try to look ahead to this New Year with faith in our wonderful scientists who are working hard to mitigate the effects of this awful disease, and be kind to each other and yourselves.

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