Operation Eden

by Handy Mag

Eden Camp Modern History Museum is joining the Veterans & Vans, a volunteer group, in “Operation Eden” Aid to Ukraine and is seeking to raise money and gather emergency aid for the millions of people displaced by the Russian invasion of the country of Ukraine.

Veterans & Vans

Estimated figures now show more than half of Ukraine’s 7.5 million children have been forced to flee their homes from the ongoing violence. With no safe place to call home, the humanitarian situation is looking more and more dire. After delivering 20-25 tonnes at the end of March, Eden Camp and Veterans & Vans are determined to help even more people.

As the number of civilian casualties and deaths continues to rise and hospitals are bombed by the Russian forces, aid workers and volunteers need urgent support for medical and health equipment, as well as home essentials such as food, clothing, and baby supplies.

The items with the highest priority are as follows:

  • Medical supplies of any kind (e.g. inhalers, first aid kits, oxygen)
  • Dry store food (tins/cans)
  • Ready-made meal packs (such as army ration packs)
  • Warm Clothing
  • Baby Food/Supplies such as nappies, clothing
  • Toiletries in general
  • Shelter items such as tents, sleeping bags etc.

For a full comprehensive list of items needed – please visit our Amazon Wish List found here .

Eden Camp Modern History Museum’s Financial Director, Howard Johnson, along with Alistair Candelin, founder of the Veterans and Vans group who made the first two journeys a couple of weeks ago, will be joining together on another aid mission, Operation Eden, to the Poland/Ukraine border at the end of May to deliver urgent support in medical supplies, food, clothing, and other items.

“After a successful trip with 14 vans, we knew we had to return with as much help as we could.” Howard Johnson continues, “Seeing the devastation and effects in person only emphasised the need to offer support where possible and if that means driving 24 hours solid to get warmth, food and comfort to families then we will do it. The list of items we are collecting has been requested direct from Ukraine volunteers who can advise on what the priority is. Respirators are number one at the moment, so any funds donated will go to buying those in the first instance and then supporting travel costs to get them there as soon as possible. We thank you in advance for all of your help and support!”

Since the museum re-opened on 1st April, Eden Camp Modern History Museum has had a collection box outside the new Blitz display for cash donations towards the appeal as well as collecting through Go Fund Me. All money will go straight towards the Ukraine Appeal and the Aid mission.

Eden Camp is also now acting as a collection point for the items on the list above. Please note we will only accept items listed above and on our wish list as we are limited to what we can carry.

Any support from members of the public or local businesses is undoubtedly needed and would be highly appreciated, whether that’s sponsoring travel costs (especially fuel!!), providing vehicles, or donating supplies and food.

We thank you in advance for your support.

For further information or to donate items, please get in touch via the options below:

Veterans & Vans Facebook Page

or Eden Camp Modern History Museum, Malton YO17 6RT. admin@edencamp.co.uk | 01653 697777


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