Powering Up Yorkshire with Peak Power Systems

by Handy Mag

Based in Pickering, Peak Power Systems is a family-owned business that has been installing Solar PV systems since 2011, not just in Yorkshire but also across the broader area.

Solar PV Excellence

Our expertise in Solar PV systems is the cornerstone of our success. We’ve installed hundreds of systems, ranging from roof-mounted systems to expansive ground-mounted arrays.

Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps

We also install Air & Ground source heat pumps. These can be fitted to both new builds and to existing properties to replace your traditional fossil fuel heating systems. With the Boiler Upgrade Scheme now offering a £5000 grant towards installation costs for qualifying properties, this is an ideal time to make the switch to renewables.

Energy Storage

We understand the importance of energy self-sufficiency. That’s why we now also offer bespoke battery storage systems designed to maximize your energy utilisation. These systems capture surplus energy generated during the day, allowing you to power your evenings without relying on the grid. Whether you’re investing in a new solar PV installation or looking to retrofit an existing one, our energy storage solutions seamlessly integrate into your setup.

Renewable Energy Experts

We are renewable energy and heating specialists – it’s all we do. Whatever your requirements, we will ensure that you benefit from our honest, expert advice, making sure that we install the right type of system for your property. We offer a free no obligation site survey and quotation, so please get in touch to see what we could do for you.

All of our work is completed by our in-house, MCS approved team of installers, using the latest technology from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Your Journey to Sustainability

We offer an end-to-end service, starting with project planning and system design and culminating in installation, commissioning, and ongoing servicing and maintenance. No matter the size or location of your property, we’ll guide you towards the right renewable energy solutions.

Contact Peak Power Systems on 01751 476989 today for no-nonsense local expertise and advice on how to embark on your renewable energy journey.

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