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By the experts at PenLife Associates

If you were to ask other financial advisers what financial planning is, they’d recite a boring list of policies, graphs, investments…zzz…sorry, it’s just making us sleepy! Whereas if you were to come to us and ask that question, we read in-between the lines and look deeper.

C’mon, let’s be straight. We know clients aren’t interested in graphs, spreadsheets and facts and figures. Financial planning isn’t just about policies and graphs. It’s about you getting what you want from life.

One of our core values is that ‘We go the extra mile’. We ensure that our clients are able to make the most of life by helping them make smarter financial decisions. Other financial advisers measure return on investments, whereas we measure return on life. Yet some people just don’t seem to focus on their lifestyle goals, where they want to be. They spend more time planning their outfit for the day or their shopping list than they do with their financial plan.

We mean, let’s put it in this perspective. Imagine you’ve paid £10 for a cinema ticket to see the most recent blockbuster movie and then an extra fiver for your popcorn. You get sat in your chair and there’s this kid behind you moaning and kicking the back of your seat. Then a 6ft 5 bloke sits in front of you, so you can’t even see the screen. And to top it off, the movie is in black and white and there’s no audio. Would you really want to pay for that experience, especially when there are high quality, A-list movies in colour, which actually show the true story?

Our clients are interested in financial security and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can attain, and more importantly maintain, your chosen lifestyle. Knowing that you can do the things you want to do for yourself and your family without fear or worry – whatever they may be. Because when it comes to financial planning, we know what truly matters. And that’s you!

Ordinary financial advisers plan in black and white, we plan in colour. Our ‘Planning in Colour’ guide is FREE for you, so you have nothing to lose. If you want us to bring some colour into your financial future, and would like to request one of these guides, just give us a call on 01904 661140 or head to

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