Why You Need a Financial Planner

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by PenLife Associates

There can be times in life when you may need help with your finances. Are you starting a new job? Are you thinking of retiring? Wanting to retire but feel like you can’t? Are you confused about your pensions and investments and what they can give you in the future? Are you wanting to ensure you can pass down as much of your estate as you can? Or perhaps you are spending too much time worrying about your finances when you could actually be enjoying them?

Handling a financial plan is difficult, especially when trying to tackle it alone. It can be hard identifying what you need to do and how to do it. Sometimes it’s best to reach out for help.

Here at PenLife, we believe that financial planning is helping clients to attain and more importantly maintain the life they want – no matter what comes their way. Real financial security is invaluable, because it gives you freedom, hope and a sense of security. More freedom means more time. And more time means more opportunity to enjoy life.

Our Financial Planners are here to help you work out what you really want from life, what matters to you and how you envisage your perfect lifestyle. They’ll then build a financial plan which will provide a clear path for you to achieve your goals.

Life can also be unpredictable and sometimes the road isn’t easy or straight forward. This can make it difficult keeping up with your financial priorities throughout each life stage. But having a Financial Planner can significantly reduce the stress and pressure that this can bring. They will be there by your side helping you to navigate these tricky times, providing you with regular ongoing reviews to keep you on track.

At PenLife, we’re very much about building relationships with clients and looking after them and their families, too. There’s nothing more we love than seeing our clients achieve what they’ve always wanted to do, it’s our reason for being.

We can help you focus on your goals and give you a chance to think and talk about what you really want. We’ve created this free webinar that outlines the value of Financial Planning and how a Financial Planner could help change your life for the better.

To sign up and book your free place, head to www.penlifewebinar.co.uk. Or alternatively, please us on call 01904 661140, or email enquiries@pen-life.co.uk

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