The Importance of Smart Investing

by Handy Mag

Chartered Financial Planner at PenLife Associates, Soyfur Rahman, discusses the importance of mindset and behaviour for successful investing.

Choosing the ‘right’ investments is just one of the ingredients needed for success. Your mindset and behaviours may have a much larger effect on the outcomes of your investments than you think.

The approach you take to investing could influence the decisions you make when it comes to constructing your portfolio. For instance, how much risk you take. It could also play a role in how you respond to market movements, which may have a knock-on effect on the long-term returns of your portfolio.

And do you know just how important an investment portfolio really is? It can help you achieve your long-term financial and lifestyle goals. For example, build a nest egg for your retirement, fund that dream holiday, pay university fees for your children, or more.

So, as well as considering which investments could help you reach your goals, you might also want to review your behaviours and the impact they could have.

The markets are always subject to volatility, according to what’s going on in the world. To be a successful investor it’s important to take a pragmatic approach. World events and the economic state of the world can make investors worry. But the important thing is not to panic due to uncertainty. Hold your ground, stick to your plan, and don’t let your emotions influence your decisions and choices.

Here at PenLife, our Financial Planners can offer you valuable support when investing. But it’s not all about just facts, figures and graphs. As well as working alongside you on your investment portfolio, they can also provide you with someone to turn to when you’re worried about performance or interested in a new opportunity.

The benefits don’t stop there. We may be able to help you find ways to reduce your tax bill, help you understand how investments could support wider goals, and more.

Having a professional to talk to about your options could help you reduce the effect of behavioural bias. Just by speaking to someone you trust, can identify when your decisions are being influenced by emotions and help you make choices that are right for you.

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