Keeping Your Pet’s Smile Sparkly

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by Charlotte Welburn RVN, Ryedale Vets

When it comes to dental hygiene and care for your pet’s mouth, do you know what to check for?

Detecting problems such as dental disease early is important for your much loved companion. Prevention is far better than cure and a lot of dental care and hygiene only begins once a problem has already been found. Starting as soon as possible with checking your pet’s mouth regularly may mean you can prevent issues before they occur.

There are a wide range of ways to keep your pet’s mouth healthy, from tooth brushing to the correct diet. Tooth brushing is an ideal way to help prevent the build up of tartar which can cause gingivitis, an inflammation of the gum that causes irritation and redness. Using a toothpaste which is safe for your pet, and tastes of something palatable, may encourage an easier approach. Give lots of fuss and a treat after the toothbrushing exercise to create a positive experience.

Other dental care could include supplements which can be added to the water or gum wipes instead of tooth brushing. These have a cleaning agent in them called chlorhexidine.

When it comes to cats and rabbits, tooth brushing can be a tricky business! Yet there are ways and means around tooth brushing to keep their pearly whites sparkling. Certain diets can help, such as crunchy kibble for cats to help break plaque and tartar off their teeth. Special prescription dental diets are also available for your pet. Feel free to enquire about these with one of our veterinary surgeons or registered veterinary nurses.

Rabbits teeth grow constantly and therefore often need a visit to the vets for their teeth burring which helps keep their incisors at a comfortable size for when they are eating. Add enrichment into their environment such as safe blocks of wood or toys and making sure they always have plenty of hay available.

At Ryedale Vets we offer free 6 monthly dental check ups with one of our qualified nurses included in our pet health plan. Ask a member of our team about booking your pet in or signing up to our monthly health plan, or if you are at all concerned regarding your pet’s teeth.

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