Pickering Food Share: Saving food waste in Pickering

by Jared Smith
Last winter a number of Pickering people got together over a coffee to see if they could save a lot of good food going to waste in land fill sites, and at the same time distribute good food to the people of Pickering and the surrounding area.

After money raising events and a plea for donations this became possible. The local Lions and Rotary Club donated a fridge and a freezer, and the group was offered the use of Ingsgarth Community Centre in Pike Road in Pickering for the collection and distribution of the food. Other equipment was bought, and another fridge and freezer donated.

On 28th February Ryan Swain was invited to officially open the Pickering Food Share, and it has gone from strength to strength since then.

Food from local Supermarkets, cafes and similar outlets, that has passed the sell by date but not the used by date, is collected and distributed on a Wednesday and Friday morning between 10am and 1pm from the Centre. Anyone can come along to the centre for the food. All we ask is that they bring a shopping bag and wear a face mask. The Centre has just trialled its first Monday opening from 5.30pm to 7.30pm specially to cater for those who cannot get in during the daytime.

To date over 11 tons of food has been distributed and therefore not gone into land fill sites. The centre is run by dedicated volunteers, and they always appreciate the help of any more volunteers, especially to collect the food.

To volunteer, please see our Facebook page or email info@pickeringfoodshare.org or telephone 07340 387826.

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