Why Choose Private Dentistry

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by Christine Parker BDS (GDC 72136), Howardian Dental Practice

There is no doubt that private dentistry is more expensive than NHS dentistry and may not be an option for all. However, with the enduring impact of COVID on healthcare in general, and dentistry in particular, NHS dentistry is really struggling to see the number of patients it used to.

The positives of private treatment are that, generally speaking, practices have a shorter waiting list and appointment times are longer—perfect for patients who are a little anxious, or to provide time for some oral health education on how to look after your teeth really well. You will usually see the same dentist every time which helps with continuity in the care of your teeth.

Our practice also uses very high quality materials in all our treatments to give long lasting fillings and dentures. We use good quality local laboratories for our crowns, bridges and dentures and take the time to ensure they fit perfectly.

We offer a payment plan that helps you budget for your regular treatment and should the need arise for further treatment a healthy discount on that as well.

We also have an out of hours emergency service for registered patients so our patients are catered for on an evening and at weekends.

So if you feel as though you’ve been waiting long enough for an NHS appointment then why not consider the alternative. A lot of our patients have never felt so well cared for.

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