Recycle the ‘Unrecyclable’

by Handymag

By Ian Massey of Haxby & Wigginton Recycling Facebook group

Plastic waste seems to be all over the media these days, ever since Blue Planet brought the terrible state of the oceans to our attention we have been encouraged to use less and recycle more – but it isn’t easy.

Did you know that, apart from the bottles you can leave at the kerbside, all of the following can be recycled?

  • Crisp packets
  • Biscuit and confectionery wrappers
  • Pet/baby/toddler food pouches
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes
  • Respiratory inhalers
  • Contact lenses and their packaging
  • …and much more.

And they can all be dropped off in or very close to Haxby, where two residents are trying to make recycling easier by providing local drop-off points for some items that can be sent on to Terracycle (a company whose recycling earns money for charities).

There is also an offer to collect recycling from people who have no transport. A Facebook Group, Haxby and Wigginton Recycling, presents one source for information on what can be recycled locally and where it can be done, please feel free to join.

Local businesses have been recruited to help the cause as well. Some of the pubs have agreed to stop throwing away empty crisp packets and the local Sainsburys have allowed a collection bin for many items to be placed in their Haxby branch, with more hopefully coming on board soon.

All these efforts are yielding results. At the time of writing, after just a few weeks, an estimated three to four thousand crisp packets have been or are ready to be sent.

The aim isn’t to preach about recycling, but to help and encourage it. If you want more information but are not on Facebook please e-mail for more details.

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