Happy New Year

by Denise Crispin-Bailey
Published: Last Updated on

from Richardson’s Wills

I, like many others, am glad to see the end of 2021 and the start of 2022—a year where there is the hope of a return to normality, even if it may be a few months away. It is coming.

If last year taught us nothing else, it has shown that everything can change on the spin of a coin. We need to be ready for whatever life throws at us.

Having your affairs in order is easy to do but far too often put off for another day. Make this month the month when you tackle the difficult subject of life without you.

Will you have made a Will and Lasting Power of Attorney? Will you have streamlined your finances so that your executors or attorney’s job is made easier for them? Remember these are probably going to be your children or another close relative.

I often hear people tell of the mess that has been left behind for them to sort out by relatives who passed away without making a Will, or the ordeal of having to go through the Court of Protection in order to access a relative’s finances if they have lost mental capacity without making an LPA.

Take the time to protect your loved ones and start this year as we mean to go on, with positivity and hope for an easier 2022.

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