Rotary York Ainsty Community Face Mask Project

by Handymag

A York Rotary club is putting its experience and sewing skills to the test by making and distributing 3,000 non-medical face masks for the use of the public in the city and surrounding areas during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The masks are being produced by members of the Yorkits team and associates, who would normally spend their time producing washable, re-useable, feminine hygiene kits for girls in developing countries, thus keeping the girls in education. Yorkits is one of the ‘flagship’ projects of Rotary York Ainsty (RYA).

It is hoped to make and distribute the face masks through various York-based charities, including The Salvation Army, Home-Start, Tang Hall Community Centre, IDAS.

The tri-layered fabric pleated masks are washable (but not of medical grade), reusable and are designed with full-mouth/nose/chin coverage to prevent individual wearers from spreading breath/cough/sneeze droplets when outside eg. in shops or in crowds. Equally, the masks will offer some protection for the wearer’s face from other people’s ‘droplets’. They will be available in three sizes in packs of two.

The masks will be free at the point of delivery – all RYA asks is that people consider giving a donation through the JustGiving portal –

If people would like to volunteer to become sewing-machinists for this project, they should contact as soon as possible.

This initiative is just the latest in a long line of community-based projects undertaken by Rotary York Ainsty in the area. Others include help and support for Door 84, SpecSort, York Cancer Care Garden and many, many more.

Details of any of these projects can be obtained from the contact details below or by accessing the RYA web pages

“This project illustrates everything good at the heart of Rotary. We are harnessing the talents of Rotarians and our volunteer partners to provide a valuable service that benefits the whole community – and we have fun doing it,” said Rotary York Ainsty president Steve Cluderay.

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