Ryan inspires young people to be open about mental health in ADHD Awareness Month

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A North Yorkshire motivational speaker Ryan Swain who suffers from ADHD is set to hold free talks across the region to “inspire” young people for ADHD Awareness Month to speak out about their own mental health.

Former local TV and Radio host Ryan Swain, 31, who now works as a Youth Coordinator and mental health campaigner is looking to inspire young people to be more open about their own mental health and feelings and emotions with others.

The tour, which is called “ADHD and me” will see Ryan share some personal stories, as well as encouraging others to share theirs.

Ryan is seeking to get as many schools, colleges, universities, art centres and youth clubs involved as he can and will be offering the talks completely free of charge. He has already been inundated with requests to appear in schools and community groups nationwide even internationally by varying age groups and occupations all interested in what he is doing.

Mr Swain said: “I want to show people that just because you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health disorder that it’s not all negative and you can use your ADHD to your own advantage.

“It’s also in place to educate teachers and parents on how to approach ADHD as a whole and encourage using ways and means I’ve found to overcome the disorder and use it positively.

“Some misconceptions are that everybody with the condition is hyperactive, there’s been focus around suffers mood swings and a tendency to lash out and be violent there’s also misconceptions around the fact ADHD is something that only children have and then grow out of which is nonsense when in fact adults can have it too.

“The aim of the talk is to inspire young people to talk and express how they’re feeling both physically and emotionally and connect with their and other people’s mental health and talk out about it’s also in place to give them inspiration and show them that you can still achieve your dreams and goals if you have ADHD and you can channel it into positive things.

“I’m excited and nervous because this is a new venture for me but I want to use my name and social media following for all of the right reasons.”

For more information, contact Ryan on management@ryanswain.co.uk or social media Facebook @ryanswain or Instagram @officialryanswain

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