Ryedale Dog Rescue Needs Your Help

by Jared Smith

Thanks to all our volunteers and generous supporters: we’ve had a busy summer raising funds for the Ryedale Dog Rescue dogs.

Although much of our fundraising is online, we’ve managed two outings: to a car boot sale and to Malton market. The weather was kind to us and we had fun meeting up again. We’re getting so used to seeing friends and family on video and phone calls that meeting people ‘in the flesh’ is quite a novelty!

While we’ve all been learning to cope with the ‘new normal’, not much has changed for our dogs. Some of our lucky woofers have gone to new homes, and we’ve had some new residents at the kennels. Beryl still continues to make good progress after her open-heart surgery. We’re not sure what will happen over the autumn and winter but as more people return to work there’s every chance that demands on RDR will increase.

Sadly, during winter, some of our fundraising activities — like plant sales and our legendary ‘stall on the wall’ — will slow down or stop. That’s why we’d like you to consider making a small monthly donation to RDR. It doesn’t have to be much; but if you could spare even £3 or £5 a month, it will make a huge difference. Details of how to donate can be found at http://www.ryedaledogrescue.com/donate/.

While virtually all the money raised goes to the care and rehoming of our dogs, we’re also raising money to help purchase a lightweight gazebo to keep us warm and dry at events and wintry market days. While we’re happy standing freezing to help RDR, we’d love standing orders too!

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