Local Environment Partnership to Curb Plastic Bottle Use

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Ryedale Environmental Group announces partnership with national Refill scheme at Pickering’s latest Give or Take Day

Did you know that 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used every year in the UK? Many of these end up being discarded by the roadside, not just blighting the landscape but also posing a danger for our wildlife. Just look at Pickering beck and local beaches, and you will see how many end up in streams, rivers and even the ocean.

If just 1 in 10 of us refilled a reusable water bottle just once a week instead of buying a new one, a staggering 340 million fewer bottles would be used each year. We are lucky in the UK that our tap water is totally safe and pleasant to drink.

In an effort to help solve the plastic problem, Ryedale Environmental Group is delighted to announce it has become a proud partner of refill.org.uk, a national campaign to help reduce our use of pointless packaging. Local businesses are encouraged to offer free tap water refills to customers, promoting this service via window stickers and a downloadable mobile app. People on the move simply check the app to see all local participating businesses in the area.

This Sunday 29th May saw the latest Give or Take Day organised by Pickering Environmental Group at the Memorial Hall in Pickering, and both PEG and REG took this opportunity to officially launch their involvement in the scheme, talking to the public and Mayor of Pickering Joan Lovejoy about the benefits of refills.

This is just part of an expanding campaign. Coffee shops are also encouraged to offer discounts for takeaway customers with their own reusable cup, while Trailblazers Outdoors is offering a 25% reduction on reusable bottles until the end of June.

It is also great to see no-waste shops springing up in the area where you bring your own packaging for filling up with a wide range of items, from spices and herbs to washing up liquid. If you haven’t already, why not try out The Old Weigh in Pickering or Beechams and Scoops in Malton next time you need to top up on household and kitchen products!

Around 50 businesses in Malton, Norton and Pickering have now signed up to the Refill scheme and businesses in villages around the district are being encouraged to follow suit. Please show your support – saving you money, keeping our beautiful area clean and tidy, and helping to save the planet in the process!

Upcoming Ryedale environmental action highlights:

  • The upcoming Project Purple Repair Cafés / Community Hubs will be held at Hovingham Village Hall on Saturday 10th September and Saturday 10th December.
  • 16th June is both Clean Air Day, for which a school project is planned to help children monitor the air quality around their schools, while encouraging them to walk rather than get in the car. It’s also World Refill Day, so look out for more info local options to ditch the plastic packaging!
  • REG is organising our next Ecofair at the Milton Rooms on Saturday 24th September 10am – 2pm.

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