Ryedale Free Fridge – Second year of success

by Nicky

Having celebrated the successful first year since the launch of the Ryedale Free Fridge last December, we never anticipated the second year would be so different!

But the Fridge has remained open throughout these difficult times and in early December we are celebrating a second amazing year.

As Lockdown 1 began, new volunteers, some of whom were furloughed, came forward to help with collections and deliveries. Some of the local businesses who had been donating food were forced to close so some supplies dried up, but new sources became available. Our hosts at the Wesley Centre were brilliant at enabling us to put in place all the Covid-19 safety requirements helping to ensure Fridge users and volunteers were kept safe. Sadly, we could no longer offer refreshments, or encourage people to stay and chat, but we will resume this as soon as we can.

A significant addition to the facility has been the purchase of a large industrial Freezer where we can freeze incoming food as needed or store ready frozen foods when donated.

We have seen many different organisations pull together during the pandemic to help feed our community. We have followed the discussions about the need to feed hungry children during school holidays and plan to contribute where we can. Now we are in Lockdown 2 which should end in early December, we are again hoping for enough food donations and volunteer help to see us through. One thing is sure – the Ryedale Free Fridge is now an established part of the Foodie Culture of Malton Town.



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