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Ryedale Talking Magazine

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Ryedale Talking Magazine is a small charity based in Pickering.

We are a team of volunteers who produce a monthly CD for anyone in Ryedale and the surrounding area who finds reading difficult or impossible. The CD is sent out to listeners completely free of any charge.

Ryedale Talking Magazine was founded in 1981 when a small group including David Baxendale, who was head teacher at Lady Lumley’s School in Pickering, came up with the idea of recording an audio magazine. One or two early magazine tapes were produced involving sixth formers at Lady Lumley’s School and in the beginning readers made their own recordings, many of which had doorbells ringing and dogs barking in the background.

These days our readers meet once a month in Pickering and each record a reading of about 10 minutes which they have chosen for themselves. These readings are varied and interesting and cover a wide range of topics, many locally based, some poetry, some items of geographical, nature or historical interest and a monthly fun quiz.

We have succeeded in issuing our magazine every month since we first started, even producing and distributing the magazine during covid restrictions and have usually found that if the readings have interested the readers, the listeners have also found them enjoyable. Martin the editor varies both the subjects and the voices on each CD.

Many of our listeners have been referred by sight support organisations, friends or neighbours but we would like to reach those that are not aware of our service. So, we hope to reach more listeners but are also looking for new readers.

If you would like to receive a free copy of our magazine or are interested in becoming a reader then please get in touch with Val on 01751 476499.

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