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Our vet, Will Sennitt, talks about how our practice is continuing to help our clients through these uncertain times.

In our last article I spoke about how changes to our everyday lives in the Coronavirus pandemic have affected our pets. The pandemic has also had a major impact on our ability to safely provide care for our client’s pets. It seems a lifetime ago when we could talk to our clients face-to-face without wearing a face mask and share a smile or a handshake. We have had to put in many new procedures over the past few months to reduce the risk of spreading the virus within our community.

To begin with, we quickly identified that our waiting rooms could become a space for the virus to rapidly spread amongst waiting clients. The latest research suggests COVID-19 finds it much more difficult to spread between individuals outside. That is why we now ask our clients to remain outside when waiting for their appointment or medications and while we examine their pets. It is important we all maintain social distancing guidelines when talking to each other and to other clients who are waiting. This will help reduce the risk of spreading the virus within our community and protect our most vulnerable neighbours.

Some clients are understandably nervous about their pet being away from them when they are examined – we realise it can be a nerve-racking time for both pets and owners. When they are brought into the practice, all pets are comforted by our expert nurses and vets to make them feel at home. We actually find that some pets appear more at ease being cuddled by our experienced nurses. As soon as they have had their injection they are promptly reunited with their owner after a fond farewell from everyone they meet in the practice.

We also offer telephone and video consults to help maintain social distancing. If appropriate, our vets have the ability to remotely prescribe medications for your pet but if they do need to come into the practice the cost of the phone or video consult will be credited to your account. Please contact us on the details below if you would like a remote consultation.

We sincerely hope that one day we will be able to leave these added measures behind and welcome you back into our practices. Until then, please bear with us as we continue doing all we can to keep you and your pets safe during this pandemic.

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