Ryedale Volunteers Step-Up during Covid 19 Crisis

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Almost 600 volunteers have come forward to support some of the most vulnerable people across Ryedale during the Covid19 crisis.

The Ryedale Volunteer Network has been operating for a month, delivering shopping, collecting prescriptions and doing other essential jobs for people who are ‘staying home and staying safe’ due to age, vulnerability or underlying health conditions – serving 37 towns and villages across the district.

Initially set up as a Facebook support group in Malton by local man, Jack Ashton, the group expanded very rapidly with the support of Cllr Steve Mason and The Ryedale Community Charter Network to cover the whole of Ryedale.

Jack said:

Since the group started, it has grown so quickly and so well. We are very proud of the groups and volunteers helping local people through this difficult period.

Our community kitchens are bringing meals to those most in need and our volunteers are working so hard helping people to stay safe and stay at home everyday that they are out there.”

The Ryedale Volunteer network has now set up three community kitchens in Malton, Pickering and Hovingham, with the help of volunteer chefs who are producing fresh, nutritious meals that are delivered to vulnerable people.

Cllr Di Keal, who is leading on the community kitchens, said:

The kitchens are the next step in supporting local people as we realised that, as the lockdown continues, many older and vulnerable people are struggling if they can’t get out to purchase meals or ingredients to cook with.

The meals that have gone out so far have been hugely appreciated and we would like to thank the Malton Cookery School for helping us by providing the meals for the first few weeks of the scheme. We now need to increase the number we can provide and Ryedale district council, along with Mr Wilf’s Café and Lady Lumley’s School in Pickering and the Worsley Arms in Hovingham have stepped in to help.”

The Ryedale Volunteer Network has co-ordinators across Ryedale – anyone needing support can contact their group by going to: https://www.rye-charter.org.uk/information-leaflet or calling the NYCC Care Line on 01609 787780

The Network is also fundraising to continue its work – donations can be made at:

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