Self care and the new normal in dentistry

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The arrival of COVID19 on our shores in March this year was a seismic event and things will never be quite as they were again. Some of us may have experienced illness or loss of a loved one and it can be very difficult to see the way forward to a “NEW NORMAL”.

One thing that will never change is the importance to us of the health of ourselves and our families, this year, more than ever, has caused us to focus on how we can stay healthy and that has to include our oral health.
In late March, April and May we were prevented from all but the briefest of contact with our patients. Those in dire need could call our emergency number and receive expert dental advice. Diagnosing without even seeing the patient was challenging to say the least. But there’s an old adage in Medicine and Dentistry “listen to the patient they will give you the diagnosis” I found this to be very true.

At Howardian Dental, I was so proud of my patients throughout the dark days of lockdown, very few needed to call our helpline and I think it stands as a testament to their excellent levels of home care before and during the pandemic that they had so few problems.

Self care doesn’t mean you shouldn’t access professional services, it means you should listen to and act on the advice given. This will allow you to remain in control of your health and reduce your risks.

Ask your dentist or hygienist for tips on how best to care for yourself and they will be delighted to help. For tailored dental care in a safe environment call Jan at Howardian Dental.

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