How do I get set up with my first reef tank?

by Yorkshire Reefs
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by Sapphier Littler, Yorkshire Reefs

You’ve been reading our previous articles and decided you want to start your reefing journey—congratulations! Keeping corals and saltwater fish is one of the most rewarding aquatic hobbies, and we hope we’ve shown you that over the past few months. Once people get started, they tend to keep reef tanks for decades! But how do you start?

  1. Consider the size of tank you’d like
    The larger the volume of water you work with, the easier it is to keep the stable water conditions corals thrive in. A general rule of thumb is to go for the largest size you can fit in the space and afford – we find most first-time reefers like to get started with tanks which are 3 foot wide and up.
  2. Have a play around with our online tank builder
    Our website includes a ‘build your own setup’ page. Here, you can select the size of tank you’d like, and see what options are available. This is useful to give you a rough idea of cost for the size of aquarium you’ve selected.
  3. Pop into see us at Yorkshire Reefs
    The most important step is to pay us a visit. Here, we can chat to you about the different options you’ll have for your tank, based on the size of it, and the corals and fish you’d like to keep. We can show you some of the equipment you’ll be running in action and demonstrate how it works. We’ll write you a free quote, and we’re happy to visit your home to measure up for larger tanks.
  4. Get set up!
    Once you’ve ordered your setup with us, you’ll be able to choose if it’s delivered straight to your home, or here to Yorkshire Reefs. We’re more than happy to personally deliver tanks, water, and equipment free of charge if you live under an hour away from our shop.
    When it comes to getting the tank running, we are able to install it for you – we’ve installed hundreds of tanks over the years! Whichever option you choose, we’ll pay you a visit on a date of your choosing once the tank is running to check everything is working smoothly.

Any questions?

Drop us an email, give us a ring, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram. We love chatting about fish tanks, so feel free to utilise some of our knowledge. Keep an eye out for our article next month, where we will be looking at what to expect in your first 3 months of reef-keeping. Happy reefing!

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