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Did you know that most denture wearers struggle daily with the problem of loose and uncomfortable dentures? Badly designed dentures not only cause this discomfort but can greatly affect denture wearers’ confidence and appearance, causing that premature aged look so often associated with wearing dentures. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Fortunately, with today’s technology, there are fantastic solutions for most denture wearers’ desires or problems, from full denture restoration that can restore your natural facial shape, to the latest generation semi-flexible partial denture options and implant stabilised dentures. In many cases, it’s just a matter of careful evaluation, correcting bad design and listening carefully to what denture wearers want.

Getting it Right

To design a successful denture takes years of experience and technical knowledge, dedication and an ability to relate to denture wearers’ needs and expectations. The most important step is choosing the most reputable and experienced denture expert with the right skills and experience.

If you’re considering having new dentures to replace an old worn out set or wish to look years younger as a denture wearer, you naturally want the best care, a safe and hygienic environment and the fastest possible treatment. Most importantly, if you’re going to pay good money, you want to see results in both comfort and a great, natural appearance; after all, your dentures are vital to your everyday life and your smile is the first thing you present to the world. Wouldn’t you want that statement about you to be the right one? This is why Clinical Dental Technician Clive Walkden at Smile Denture Clinic uses only the latest generation, hand-crafted natural-effect teeth, the highest-grade denture materials and the latest denture technology to produce naturally beautiful dentures that are as unique and individual as you.

Trusted by Denture Wearers

As one of the UKs most experienced Clinical Denture Technicians, local denture expert Clive Walkden Dip CDT RCS (Eng) has over 40 years’ denture design knowledge and clinical experience gained over thousands of happy patients and enjoys a trusted reputation as denture wearers first choice when it comes to providing comfortable, natural dentures that optimise fit, function and comfort.

Empowering Choice

Denture wearers want a range of denture options that put them in control of cost and treatment options.
Smile Denture Clinic does this by offering their customers a complete range of denture options, from entry level, Premier replacement dentures, and Prestige and Ultimate cosmetic dentures, to their astonishing Dimension Dentures (sometimes called a denture facelift, for maximum natural appearance), as well as Implant stabilised dentures for ultimate stability, function and personal confidence as a denture wearer.

To visit Clive at Smile Denture Clinic in Haxby or any of their seven Smile Denture Clinics across Yorkshire all you need do is book in for a denture consultation with your own personal Clinical Denture Technician. Consultations are FREE and without obligation, so book in today and discover how Clive can help you solve all your denture problems, look younger, feel more confident and eat better than ever before.

For a FREE no-obligation consultation call today on 01904 215387.

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