What Price for an Attractive Smile?

by Handy Mag
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by Christine Parker, Howardian Dental Practice

Although the aesthetics of an attractive smile are changing in recent years. A row of clean, even, white teeth will never go out of fashion. Some are lucky enough to have this naturally and others will seek it in the dentist chair.

Recently there has been a trend for large, ultra white crowns and veneers to give a very obvious ‘fake’ smile. In the not too distant past dentists referred to this shade as ‘Armitage Shanks’ due to its resemblance to sanitary porcelain.

How times change, and now it seems patients are flocking to foreign climes to have their teeth chopped down or removed to have implants crowns and veneers fitted. This may be due to them being unable to access care in the UK or it may be just it’s a cheaper option.

Whilst it’s their right to do so, we are seeing an increase in the numbers of emergency patients with permanently damaged teeth and gums due to these treatments. I would urge anyone considering the ‘Dental Holiday’ option to consider the following. If it can take up to a year to safely place implants in the UK. What amazing techniques do they have abroad that it can be provided in just a week?

Don’t make 2023 the year you ruined your teeth. You’ll never get another set unless they’re plastic.

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