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by Clare Brash BVet Med, MRCVS, Station House Vets

As I almost sat on my sleeping cat, “Zulu” last night, I suddenly realised that I had forgotten his booster. Bad mother!

Once one misses a booster, the vets’ computer no longer reminds you to do it and it gets forgotten. This prompted me to check our records at work, and I find I am not alone. In order to get the magic “herd immunity” that protects our pet community, at least 65% of our pets need annual boosters. Sadly, vaccination numbers have dropped nationally by 20% over the last 3 years despite the increase in pet numbers due to the pandemic. Don’t forget that one shot as kittens and puppies is not enough to protect them for life. Come along for an annual health check and we can pick up on any emerging health issues while we update your pets’ vaccines.

GREAT NEWS for those dogs who really hate the up-the-nostril live Canine Contagious Cough (C.C.C) vaccine, (previously known as Kennel Cough). The kind scientists have developed a new injectable “dead” vaccine. This will make all the difference both to the patient and the vet! C.C.C as its now known is rife in our area at the moment, so although it’s not one of the big 4 dog killer bugs Distemper Parvo Hepatitis and Leptospirosis, we are currently offering it as an add on to the routine booster.

Rabbit owners seem to be much more efficient at remembering their boosters, so keep up the good work, as there’s nothing worse than RHD or the dreaded Myxomatosis in a beloved pet.

If you have a cat who hates to travel, let us know and we will try to arrange to visit. Remember that we have Cat Friendly surgeries for those pussies who are afraid of dogs, although in our home it is the dogs who fear the cat, especially when he is grumpy from almost being sat upon!

Station House Vets offer puppy and kitten bundles, our own Wellness Plan as well as regular “vaccine amnesties” for those restarting their primary course of vaccines, so please ask about these or visit to find out more.

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