Station House Vets are there for your pets…

by Clare Brash
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…even at Christmas!

Christmas is coming! We have all had a really hectic year at Station House Vets as Lucy Vicky and I have taken over the reins now that Edmund has retired.

Visitors will have noticed not only the new decoration and separate waiting areas for cat patients and dogs but a new logo and website. There are green policies on paperwork and recycling which mean fewer paper bills and the new phone system should allow better communications.

Behind the scenes, we are updating equipment and investing in training the team to give you top-notch service every day and night of the year!

Even on Christmas Day! Part of the team is always available, which can be a challenge when one is juggling the turkey!

Vet families are used to sudden disappearances. Last year, when I was on call, the darling little dog “Finty” managed to break a toe on the Christmas walk and required my attention. Her generous owners arrived, bearing a delicious bottle of wine, which I managed to hide from the marauding hordes at home until I was off duty to share it with them.

Then the usual: dogs eating chocolate, yew berries or mince pies. Horses choking, colicking or having an early foal. I remember one Christmas when a kitten called “Misty” impaled her eye on an artificial Christmas tree!

Whatever the problem, we are here to help (although it’s not me this year, as I’m on duty at New Year!).

Thank you to all the Station House Vets Family: the team for bearing with us during the changes we are making, and to you, our clients, and your amazing horses and pets for your support during 2021. Your patience with the Covid 19 restrictions was second to none!

Let 2022 be a Happy Healthy New Year for All! (especially New Year’s weekend!)

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