Eco-Friendly Gifts and Vet Ventures

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by Claire Brash, Station House Vets

Christmas chez Brash is a mission. Matt’s side of the family demand homemade recycled reclaimed repurposed presents which can be challenging. Normally I’d do pet pictures or a pet first aid package for all those who took on Magpies puppies, as they live in the South where vet prices are ludicrous.

We have started a Wellness plan at Station House Vets whereby clients can spread the cost of preventative healthcare over the year. Some of our clients are buying this for their pet owning family members. Vicky has sourced a range of eco friendly pet toys too, but sadly this year I’ve got a niece as my secret santa, who is minimalist and petless so I’m struggling.

There is also the family newsletter and calendar, so I have been scrolling through my camera roll for ideas. What struck me is the vast number of clients’ pets and horse photos on my phone. What a year! From gory images of dreadful horse wounds, tumours and lameness videos to gorgeous pictures of new kittens, puppies and wild animals. During the year we’ve had the privilege of looking after animals both ‘Great and Small’ including the local red squirrels at The Arboretum. Well worth a visit to see them if you get the chance!

We are honoured to be part of your lives through both the trials and the thrills of pet and horses ownership and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and custom this year as our proudly independent practice continues to grow since we took over the business two years ago. Thank you!

Now, I must get back to my Secret Santa task, perhaps she’d like some eco wind chimes made from an old radiator!

Contact Station House Vets, at Welburn near Castle Howard, on 01653 618303.

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